Equipment Specifications

Year 2008
Model 300
Price US $15,000,000  
Location Vienna, Austria
Condition Used
Serial Number 20227
Registration Number OE-HAB

General Information

Power by the hour Programmes, Airframe: JSSI (renewal pending),ENG: JSSI (renewal pending),APU: JSSI (renewal pending)

Detailed Description

TSN: 2000:08hrs and CSN: 896cyc. All data as of 4-Jan-2014

Engine Specs:
Honeywell AS907 ( HTF7000), LH ENG- P/N:3030001-4; S/N: P118589,
TSN:2008:08hrs and CSN: 903cyc, On condition maintenance schedule, RH ENGP/
N:3030001-4; S/N: P118588, TSN:2008:08hrs and CSN: 900cyc, On condition
maintenance schedule. APU: Honeywell GTCP36-150(BD), P/N:3800774-1, S/N:
P-343 as of 29.12.2013, 2.602 hours
Four 12 x 10-inch adaptive flight displays, Single Integrated Flight Information
System (IFIS) with electronic charts, Engine indication and crew alerting system
with system synoptic diagrams (EICAS), FMS-5000 flight management systems
TCAS II, Terrain Awareness Warning System (TAWS), Dual HF communications
system with SELCAL, Dual VHF communications system, Solid-state weather
radar, Maintenance diagnostic computer, Electronic checklists, Autopilot/dual
flight directors, Dual Inertial Reference System (IRS), Global Positioning System
Additional Equipment:
EASA Mandate CPDLC – already fully compliant ! EASA Mandate ADS-B out – already
fully compliant ! EASA Mandate TCAS 7.1 – already fully compliant !
Installation of 3rd VHF, Installation of 3rd HF, Installation of 2nd Automatic Direction
Finder (ADF), Installation of Lightning Detection System (LDS), Installation
of 2nd Global Positioning System (GPS), Installation of 2nd Flight Management
System (FMS), Installation of Turbulence Weather Radar, Installation of 3D Navigational
Inspection Status:
Airframe: 12MTH/400hrs Inspection performed 25-Oct-2013 at Aerodienst Nürnberg,
Engines: Combustion Chamber Replacement performed 25-Oct-2013 at
Jetaviation Basel


Evgeny Tikhomirov
Aircraft Located in:
Vienna, Austria
Phone: +436767204239

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