1967 Mooney M20F Executive 21



1967 Mooney M20F Executive 21

Make: Mooney
Country: United States
Model: M20
State/Province: California
Year: 1967
City/Airport: Stockton (SCK)

Serial No: 670478
Registration No: N6395Q

Flight Time: 3793 hours

Attached Files



IFR Recertification Due 05/01/2014


● Audio Panel: Bendix/King KA 34 TSO Switching Audio Panel
● 3 LMB: Panel Mounted, Switchable 3 LMB
● #1 Nav/Com: King KX 175B TSO Nav/Com
● #2 Nav/Com: King KX 170B Nav/Com
● #1 VOR/LOC/GS: Bendix/King KI 209 VOR/LOC/GS CDI
● #2 VOR/LOC: Bendix/King KI 208 VOR/LOC CDI
● DME: King 62A TSO DME
● ADF: Genave Sigma/1500 ADF with Indicator
● Transponder: Genave Beta/5000 Transponder
● Altimeter: IFR 45-20 Altimeter
● Encoder: Terra AT 3000 Remote Encoder
● Chronometer: Pilot Yoke Davtron M800M Digital Chronometer
● ICS: Soft Comm Intl. Multiplexer Intercom System, Four-Place Standard Jacks
● ELT: Emergency Beacon Corp. EBC-102A ELT
● Dual Probe EGT Indicators
● Pilot Yoke With Telex PT-300 Push-To-Talk Switch


● Interior Refurbished at Unknown Date
● Off White Fabric and White Textured Plastic Headliner
● White Textured Plastic Window Trim
● White Textured Plastic Upper Side Panels over Gray Textured Vinyl Lower Side Panels
● Pilot and Copilot Gray Fabric Folding Seats with Lapbelts and Shoulder Harnesses
● Rear Gray Fabric Bench Seat with Lapbelts
● Gray Floor Carpeting
● Baggage Door with Spacious Aft Cabin Cargo/Baggage Area with Hat Shelf and Hanger
● Condition 6 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Interior Grading Guide)

Exterior Description

● Exterior Refinished at Unknown Date
● Lower Fuselage Metallic Gray, Upper Fuselage White, Maroon Accents and Striping
● Pilot Side Storm Window
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Exterior Paint Grading Guide)

Additional Features

● Mixture Control Cable Replaced 01/05/2013
● Ventilation Hoses Replaced 07/01/2012
● Left and Right Main Tires Replaced 12/01/2011
● Left and Right Fuel Tanks Resealed by Advanced Aircraft Services 05/30/2008
● New Magnetic Compass Installed 05/30/2005
● New Vacuum Pump Installed 03/16/2004
● Installed Overhauled Attitude Horizon Indicator 03/16/2004
● Left and Right Windshields Replaced 06/19/2001
● LASAR Aileron Links Installed 12/30/1999 per SB M20-264, AD 98-24-11 No Longer Applies
● Shoulder Harnesses Installed 11/03/1988
● Electric Gear
● Cleveland Wheels and Brakes
● Heated Pitot Static Head
● Lower Fuselage Strobe Beacon
● Fixed Courtesy Entry Step
● Overhead Cabin Air Vents
● Overhead Map/Instrument Lights
● Overhead Cabin Speaker and Cabin Light
● Towbar

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