1980 Cessna 414A Chancellor III



1980 Cessna 414A III Chancellor RAM IV

Make: Cessna
Country: United States
Model: 414
State/Province: California
Year: 1980
City/Airport: Stockton (SCK)

Serial No: 414A0509
Registration No: N23GL

Flight Time: 4519 hours

Attached Files



IFR Recertification Due March 2015


● Audio Panel: Garmin GMA 340 Digital Audio Panel with Marker and ICS
● #1 Nav/Com: Garmin GNS 530W WAAS GPS/Nav/Com
● #2 Nav: Collins VIR-351 TSO Nav
● #2 Com: Collins VHF-251 TSO Com
● VOR/LOC/GS: Collins IND-351 VOR/LOC/GS #2 Nav Indicator
● #1 GPS: Garmin GNS 530W WAAS GPS/Nav/Com IFR Certified
● #2 GPS: Bendix/King KLN90B TSO GPS IFR Certified
● Radar Altimeter: King KRA 10A Radar Altimeter with KI 250 Indicator
● Weather Radar: Bendix RDR-160 Color Radar System
● TCAS: L-3 Communications SkyWatch SKY-497 Traffic Advisory System
● Autopilot/FD: Cessna 400B Integrated Flight Control System with Flight Director
● Compass Sys: King KCS 55A Compass System with King KI 525A HSI
● Yaw Damper: Independent Switchable Yam Damper System
● Fuel Mgmt.: Shadin Digiflo-L Digital Fuel Management System
● Copilot Inst.: Copilot Instrumentation Package
● Transponder #1: Garmin GTX 327 Mode C Digital Transponder
● Transponder #2: Garmin GTX 327 Mode C Digital Transponder
● Encoder: Transcal SSD-120-30A Remote Encoder
● Stormscope: B.F. Goodrich WX-500 Stormscope Series II Weather Mapping Sensor
● TAS: RAM True Airspeed Dial Faces
● ICS: Six Place Stereo Intercom Ports via Garmin GMA 340 Audio Panel
Music Input Port
● Dual EGT Indicators and Dual Combo CHT, Oil Temp and Oil Pressure Indicators
● Outside Air Temperature Indicator
● Hobbs Hour Meter


● White Textured Vinyl Headliner
● White Textured Plastic Window Trim
● Cabin Window Curtains
● Beige Leather over Beige Patterned Fabric Side Panels with Arm Rails
● Pilot & Copilot Beige Leather Seats with Sheepskin Inserts, Stowable Armrests, Lap Belts and
Shoulder Harnesses
● Four Place Club Beige Leather Seats with Stowable Center Armrests and Lap Belts
● Left and Right Side Stowable Executive Writing Tables and Cup Holders
● Aft Wood Bulkhead Cabin Divider and Drape
● Belted Beige Leather Lav Seat
● Green Floor Carpeting with Matching Mats
● Forward Cabin Wood Bulkhead with Cockpit Separation Curtain
● Aft Wood Galley and Cabinetry with Ice Compartment
● Aft Lower Storage Cabinet
● Cabin Entryway Light
● Spacious Aft Cabin Cargo/Baggage Area and Hanger Rod
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Interior Grading Guide)

Exterior Description

● Aircraft Refinished 08/25/2004
● Aircraft Exterior Painted with Matterhorn White (570-535) with Las Vegas Gold (10494) and
Deep Jungle (08480) Accents and Striping
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Exterior Paint Grading Guide)

Additional Features

● New Brake Discs and Linings Installed 06/23/2013
● SMR Ice Shield Deice Boots Installed 09/07/2004
● RAM Aircraft RAM IV Conversion Installed 08/26/1998 on STCs SA4546SW, SE4327SW,
Gross Weight Increase on STC SA8728SW.
● Spoilers Inc. Spoiler Air Speed Brake System Kit Installed 01/08/1996 on STC SA4913NM
● Micro VG System Vortex Generator Kit Installed 11/21/1995 on STC SA5131NM
● Slick Pressurized Magnetos Installed 05/14/1992 on STC SE4651SW
● Cessna Service Kit SK414-13 Nacelle Inlet Air Scoop Installed 02/20/1992
● Cessna Service Kit SK421-119B Glass Heated Windshield, DC Power Installed 07/25/1989
● Parker Hannifin Electric Air Conditioning System Installed 08/25/1983 on STC SA8RM
● Engine Fire Detection and Extinguishing System
● 11 Cu. Ft. Oxygen Cylinder
● Wing Nacelle Lockers
● Nose Baggage Compartment Left and Right Side Accessible
● Rosen Sun Visors
● Parking Brake
● Right Side Cabin Emergency Exit
● Courtesy Entryway Light
● Propeller Synchrophaser
● Dual Heated Pitot Static Systems
● Left Wing Ice Light
● Pilot and Copilot Cockpit Storm Windows
● Overhead Air Vents, Lights and Oxygen Ports at All Seats
● Rudder, Elevator, Aileron Trim Controls
● Overhead Cockpit Speaker, Air Vents and Instrument/Map Light
● Eight Oxygen Ports
● Wingtip Strobe Lights
● External Ground Power Receptacle
● Parking Brake

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