1980 Cessna TR182 Turbo Skylane RG II



1980 Cessna TR182 Turbo RG Skylane II
One Third Partnership

Make: Cessna
Country: United States
Model: 182
State/Province: California
Year: 1980
City/Airport: Stockton (SCK)

Serial No: R18201419
Registration No: N4763S

Flight Time: 4622 hours

Attached Files



IFR Recertification Due 09/01/2014


● Audio Panel: Bendix/King KMA 24 TSO Audio Panel with 3LMB
● NAV/COM #1: Garmin GNS 530W WAAS Nav/Com/GPS
● NAV/COM #2: Bendix/King KX 155 TSO Nav/Com
● VOR/LOC/GPS: Garmin GI 106A VOR/LOC/GPS Precision Indicator
● VOR/LOC/GS: Bendix/King KI 204 VOR/LOC/GS Indicator
● GPS #1: Garmin GNS 530W WAAS Nav/Com/GPS per STC SA01933LA-D
● GPS #2: Garmin 396 GPSMAP with AirGizmos Panel Mount & XM Antenna
● GPSS: S-TEC ST-901 GPSS ARINC 429/RS432 Converter per STC SA5227SW-D
● Engine Analyzer: J.P. Instruments EDM 700 Digital Engine Monitor per STC SA2586NM
● DME: Bendix/King KN 64 DME
● Autopilot: S-TEC System 50 Two Axis Autopilot w/Alt. Hold per STC SA5220SW-D
● Encoder: Transcal SSD120-30A Remote Encoder
● Transponder: Bendix/King KT 76A Mode C Transponder
● ICS: Nat Two-Place Intercom System with Standard Jacks
● ELT: ACK Technologies, Inc. E-01 ELT with Panel Mount Switch and Indicator
● Chronometer: Astro Tech LC2 Quartz Chronometer
● Vertical Compass Card
● Hand Held Microphone
● True Airspeed Indicator
● Hobbs Hour Meter
● Lighter/Auxiliary Power Port
● Pilot Yoke PTT, Autopilot Disconnect, Alt. Engage/Disengage, Ident and Map Light Switches
● Copilot Yoke PTT Switch


● White Leather Headliner
● White Leather Window Trim
● White and Blue Gray Leather over Blue Carpet Side Panels
● Fully Articulating Pilot and Copilot Gray Leather Seats with Lapbelts and Shoulder Harnesses
● Center Seat Removable Storage Console
● Rear Gray Leather Seats with Folding Seat Backs, and Lapbelts
● Lapbelts and Shoulder Harnesses in Matching Gray Webbing
● Blue Floor Carpeting
● Glove Box
● Pilot and Copilot Overhead Map/Instrument Lights
● Overhead Cabin Speaker
● Switchable Overhead Cabin Light
● Forward Overhead Wing Root Air Vents
● Aft Overhead Air Vents
● Spacious Rear Baggage Compartment with Deck, Tie Down Eyelets and Hanger
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Interior Grading Guide)

Exterior Description

● Overall White over Gary with Navy Blue Accents and Striping
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Exterior Grading Guide)

Additional Features

● Alternator Overhauled 01/22/2013
● Sky-Tec Starter Installed 02/02/2011
● Aero Safe Corporation Electric Vacuum Pump Installed 11/14/1997 per STC SA5602SW
● Walker Engineering Air/Oil Separator Installed 09/14/1994 per STC SA4440NM
● Windshield Replaced 01/15/1992
● Knots 2U Flap and Aileron Gap Seals Installed 09/28/1988 per STC SA2381NM
● Precise Flight Standby Vacuum Sys. Installed 09/01/1987 per STCs SA2162NM & SE1779NM
● Brackett Air Filter Assembly BA-2510 Installed 08/17/1985 per STC SA71GL
● Four Port 48 cu. ft. @ 1,800 psi Factory Built-in Oxygen System
● Horizontal Stabilizer Leading Edge Abrasion Boots
● Right Wing Gear Retraction Mirror
● Instrument Panel Post Lights
● Alternate Static Air Source
● Rudder and Elevator Trim
● External Ground Power Receptacle
● Pilot and Copilot Hinged Windows
● Wingtip Strobes Lights and Tail Top Red Strobe Beacon
● Landing and Taxi Lights
● Left and Right Under Wing Courtesy Entry Lights
● Recessed Wing Strut Tie Down Eyelets
● Heated Pitot and Stall Warning
● Parking brake
● Tow Bar

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