1981 Beech A36TC Bonanza



1981 Beech A36TC Bonanza

Make: Beech
Country: United States
Model: 3?
State/Province: California
Year: 1981
City/Airport: Borrego Springs (L08)

Serial No: EA-173
Registration No: N60WB

Flight Time: 3240 hours

Attached Files



IFR Recertification Due


● Audio Panel: King KMA 24 TSO Audio Panel with 3 LMB
● Nav/Com #1: Garmin GNS 530W WAAS GPS/Nav/Com per STC SA1933LA-D
● Nav/Com #2: King KX 155 TSO Nav/Com
● VOR/LOC: King KI 203 VOR/LOC Course Deviation Indicator
● GPS: Garmin GNS 530W WAAS GPS/Nav/Com per STC SA1933LA-D
● GPS Annunciator: Mid-Continent MD41-1448W WAAS GPS Annunciator
● Compass Sys.: King KCS 55A Compass System
King KI 525A HSI
KG 102A Directional Gyro
KA 51B Slave Meter
● Autopilot: Century III Autopilot System with Altitude Hold
● Weather Radar: RCA Color Weather Radar System with Vertical Profile
● ADF: King KR 87 TSO ADF with King KI 227 ADF Indicator
● Transponder: King KT76A Mode C Transponder
● Encoder: Trans-Cal Industries D120-P2-T Remote Encoder
● Engine Monitor: Insight electronics, Inc. Graphic Engine Monitor 603 per STC SA157NE
● Chronometer: Beech Panel Mounted Quartz Chronometer
● ICS: David Clark Intercom System with Three Standard Intercom Jacks
Pilot BOSE Hardwired Jack
● Lighter/Auxiliary Power Port
● Horizon Instruments Inc. P-1000 Digital Tachometer per STC SA5491NM
● Analog OAT Indicator
● Hand Held Microphone
● Pilot Yoke Push-To-Talk, Autopilot Disconnect, Electric Trim and Map-OAT Light Switches
● Glove Box


● White Textured Vinyl Headliner
● White Textured Plastic Window Trim with Tan Tweed Fabric Trim Panels
● Light Green Textured Vinyl Side Panels with Dark Green Textured Vinyl Trim
● Cockpit Center Console Built-In POH, Map, and Chart Storage
● Pilot & Copilot Tan Textured Vinyl Seats with Tweed Fabric Inserts, Lap Belts, Shoulder
Harnesses, Sheepskin Covers and Center Stowable Armrest
● Four Place Club Configuration Light Tan Textured Vinyl Seats with Tweed Fabric Inserts,
Headrests, Lap Belts, Shoulder Harnesses and Folding Seat Backs
● Stowable Executive Wood Writing Table
● Green and Tan Floor Carpeting
● Forward Upper and Lower Air Vents
● Overhead Cabin Speaker and Dome Light
● Aft Cabin Overhead Air Vents and Lights
● Large Aft Cabin Utility Doors
● Spacious Aft Baggage Compartment with, Hanger, Tie Down Straps, Cargo Hooks and Nets
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Interior Grading Guide)

Exterior Description

● Original Exterior Finish Refurbished 10/19/1995
● Overall Moon Dust (4321, G-6004) with Beachwood Green (8304, G-4015) and Olive Green
(8316, G-4026) Accent Trim
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Exterior Paint Grading Guide)

Additional Features

● Right Wing Fuel Cell Replaced with Remanufactured Eagle Fuel Cell 12/03/2007
● Eagle Fuel Drains Installed 12/03/2007 per STC SA01110CH
● New Vacuum Pump Installed 01/25/2006
● Landing Gear Motor Overhauled by Kelly Aerospace 11/13/2002
● New 3/8” LP Aero Plastics, Inc. Windshield Installed 10/19/1995 per STC SA9992NE
● J.L. Osborne Fuel Tip Tanks and Transfer System Installed 10/19/1995 per STC SA41629
● Left Wing Fuel Cell Repaired 05/11/1994
● Dual and Single Yoke Assemblies
● Rosen Sun Visors Installed
● Seven Port 76 Cubic Ft. Oxygen System
● Cleveland Wheel and Brake Assemblies
● No Copilot Brakes
● Alternate Static Air Source
● Heated Pitot Head
● Aileron and Elevator Trim Controls
● Left Wingtip Gear Mirror
● Wingtip Strobe Lights
● Vertical Stabilizer Top Beacon Strobe Light
● Landing and Taxi Lights
● Left and Right Side Mid Cabin Emergency Exit Windows
● Pilot Storm Window
● External Ground Power Receptacle
● Fixed Courtesy Entry Step
● Tow Bar

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