2013 Rand Robinson KR-2


$18,950   (€13,750 EUR)

2013 Rand KR-2

Make: Rand Robinson
Country: Netherlands
Model: KR-2
State/Province: Not provided
Year: 2013
City/Airport: Eastermar

Serial No: 41
Registration No: RLD A81-016

Flight Time: 0 hours
Engine Time: 0 hours


KR-2 specifications:
Length: 14′ 6″
Wing span : 20′ 8″
Total wing area 80 sq ft
Empty weight 480 Lbs
Gross weight 900 Lbs
Useful load 420 Lbs
Max. luggage capacity 35 Lbs
Take off roll 350 Ft
Takeoff distance 900 Ft
Max. speed 200 Mph
Cruise speed 180 Mph
Rate of climb (light) 1200 fpm
Rate of climb (gross) 800 fpm
Max. flight ceiling 15,000 Ft
Fuel capacity 12-35 gallons
Fuel consumption 3.8 gph
Max range with 35 gallons 1600 miles

Engine Hapi VW with about 100 hp, 2100cc.
Propellor builder: Almost Constant Speed, Bernhard J. Warnice, Tucson Arizona.

All the history of the airplane, including logs and reports are available.


Seats: 2

Additional Features

This KR-2 project is ready for 95%. It?s a high speed, two seat airplane driven by a small VW engine with about 100 hp. Like all KR-2s the airplane is built with removable wings.
The plane is ready for the greatest part, buth needs to have the last part installed. The engine is up and running (we have a movie). All the history of the airplane, including logs en reports is available. Due to lack of time and space this airplane is now for sale. If you need more pictures please let me know.

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