2014 Hawker Siddeley 900


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N-NUMBERS ONLY for transfer – N900HJ – N200HJ – N850XP – available for transfer to your aircraft

Make: Hawker Siddeley
Country: United States
Model: 900
State/Province: Not provided
Year: 2014
City/Airport: Not provided


I am offering as the current reserve holder, a Letter of Relinquishment [LoR] that will effect a transfer of the individual N-numbers.

numbers available for transfer are:

N125HJ N125MY asking $500ea

N200HJ N200MY ” $600

N400XR N400MY ” $500

N750XR ” $400

N850XP $ ask

N850XP $ ask

N900HJ ” $800

N4000H (Q) ” $250

for (Q) please see www.numbers.aero/Q.html

make offer/enquire for individual LoR’s

for more detailed info re: transfer/relinquishment letters, etc, please visit http://www.numbers.aero/3es.html

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