2012 Robinson R-44 Raven II


$449,820   (€326,100 EUR)

Aircraft Information

Make: Robinson
Country: Lithuania
Model: Raven II
State/Province: Not provided
Year: 2012
City/Airport: Not provided

Flight Time: 208 hours
Engine Time: 208 hours


The helicopter is as new. Immediately available. No accident damage history. One owner.
Exterior Base Color – L0774 – Robinson White;
Exterior Trim – L3781 – Viper Red;
Interior Fabric and Color – VelBlu – Blue Velour;
Windshield – Tinted;
Door Windows, fwd – Tinted;
Door Windows, aft – Tinted;
Compass – PAI700 – Vertical Card Compass;
Altimeter – MILI – Millibar;
Artificial Horizon – SLPS – Art Horiz w/Slpskd;
Upper Bay – King KY197A Transceiver;
Transponder Bay – GTX328 – Garmin w/mode S;
E.L.T. – K406 – Kannad 406 AF;
Cabin Cover – EXTND – Extended Cover;
Headset BOSE A20 (4 pcs.);
FreeFlight Systems Audio Tone Generator ATG-410;
FreeFlight Systems RA-4000 Radar Altimeter;
FreeFlight Systems RAD-40 Radar Altimeter Display;
Robinson Helicopter B823-11 Dyrectional Gyro;
Moving Map Display System MT VisionAir X Heli;
JeppView software.

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