1999 Challenger 604



  • Year 1999
  • Location Addison TX US
  • Crew N/A
  • TTAF 5847
  • Cruising Speed N/A
  • Max Range N/A
  • Max Take Off Weight N/A
  • Altitude N/A
  • Cabin Length N/A
  • Cabin Height N/A

  • Cabin Width N/A
  • Exterior Height N/A
  • Exterior Length N/A
  • Capacity 11
  • Plane Type Heavy Jet
  • Wingspan N/A
  • Serial Number 5386
  • Reg. Number N203R
  • Condition Used



TTAF:5846.5 hrs.



Plan:GE On Point – 100%

Left (#1) Right (#2)

Type:GE CF 34-3B, GE CF 34-3B

S/N:872379, 872382

TSN:5846.5 hrs, 5846.5 hrs

Cycles:2696, 2696



Make:Honeywell GTCP 36-100E

S/N: P-576

TSN:4001 hrs


On SmartParts Plus / CAMP Maintenance Program / Engines on GE Program / APU on MSP.

1200/800/600/400/100 Hr Complied with 9/2014 Jet Aviation St. Louis

96/48/36/24/12/6 Month Complied with 9/2014 Jet Aviation St. Louis

192 Month Gear Restoration Complied with 9/2014 Jet Aviation St. Louis

240 Items Complied with 9/2014 Jet Aviation St. Louis


Empty:26,351 lbs

Basic Operating:27,572 lbs (with 3 crew)

Max Takeoff:48,200 lbs (by service bulletin)

Max Landing:38,000 lbs

Max Zero Fuel:32,000 lbs

Max Ramp:48,300 lbs

Empty Weight of C of G:36.90%


COM:Dual Collins VHF 422D

NAV:Dual Collins VIR 432A

FDS:Collins Pro Line IV

A/P:Collins FCC 4006

XPNDR:Dual Collins TDR 94D Mode S with Enhanced Flight ID SB604-34-40

ADF:Dual Collins 462

DME:Dual Collins 422

ADC:Dual Collins 850E

FMS:Dual Collins FMC 6000 (Software V4.0)

GPS:Dual Collins GPS 4000


HFCOM:Dual Collins 9031A with SELCAL and Cabin Interface

FFONE:Aircell Axxess

EFIS:Collins 6 Tube

RADAR:Collins RTA 854 with Second Controller


TCAS:Collins TCAS II with Change 7, TCAS 7.1 Compliant

EGPWS:Allied Signal Mark V Enhanced with Windshear (Peaks Mode)

ELT:Artex C 406-N

LRNAV:Triple IRS Litton 101

FDR:Fairchild F 1000

CVR:Fairchild A 100S

PRINTER:Sky Printer 1815

WIFI:CNX-100 Router (attached to SATCOM 906, Email only for overseas)

Gogo Wifi Broadband (Domestic) 3/2010

Aircell Text and Talk software upgrade 10/2013

EFB:Dual CMC-1100 EFB

XM Radio:Dual XM receivers (weather for EFB’s)

WAAS/LPV:WAAS/LPV compliant 4/2009

ADS-B:ADS-B compliant SB 604-34-058 C/W 7/2010

QAR:QAR quick access reorder 3/2012


•Precision Plus Avionics upgrade

•RVSM Capable

•8.33 Spacing Compliant

•FM Immunity Compliant

•RNP 5 & 10 Capable

•TAWS Compliant

•MNPS Capable

•Thrust Reversers

•BRNAV Capable

•Second Weather Radar Controller

•(3) Extra Cabin Windows – RH FWD, RH AFT and LH AFT

•3rd Litton IRS

•Aerial View Camera System

•Rear Bay Door Liquid Deflector

•Long Range Oxygen (2 bottles)

•Airshow Displayed on Copilots EFB

•Airshow 400 System

•Increased Gross Weight SB

•Cockpit Refuel / Defuel Panel

•Cabin and Galley Utility Bus Disconnect Switch

•Aft Bay Storage and Towbar

•SmartParts Plus

•Enrolled on CAMP Maintenance Program


Fireblocked Ten Passenger Executive Interior plus one Legal Jump Seat. Four Place Club Seating Forward, Two Place Club Aft with a Four Place Berthing Divan, Three Fold-out Executive Tables and Storage areas in all 6 Cabin chair arms.

Entertainment System features: 20″ Flight Display cabin monitors 3/2011 (BAS Bradley), DVD Player, CD Player with 10 Disc Changer and Sound System installed, Aerial View Camera System with Cockpit FWD looking Camera and Airshow 400 System.

Forward Galley is equipped with a Sharp Microwave/Convection Oven combo, 450 degree Oven, Coffee Maker, 2 separate drawers for Ice Storage and China / Crystal Storage.

Large Aft Lavatory with Full Amenities.


All Cabin Chairs covered in Tan Leather.

Divan covered with sage Fabric.

Cabin carpet replaced 3/2011 BAS Bradley

Wood Veneer F/C Cherry, Medium Brown Walnut Stain, Gloss Finish.

Granite Galley Countertop in Almond Mauve.

Headliner Ultra Leather #3455 Color Milkweed TAPIS.

Paint and Partial Refurbishment 2/2008 (Standard Aero Springfield)

The interior is in excellent condition.


Repainted: Matterhorn white with red stripes. The paint is in excellent condition.


Price On Request


15301 North Dallas Parkway

Suite 1010


Addison TX US

Phone: 12143519595

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