2006 Agusta AW139



  • Year 2006
  • Location United States
  • Helicopter Type N/A
  • Crew N/A
  • TTAF 1930
  • Cruising Speed N/A
  • Max Range N/A
  • Max Take Off Weight N/A

  • Cabin Length N/A
  • Cabin Height N/A
  • Cabin Width N/A
  • Exterior Height N/A
  • Exterior Length N/A
  • Capacity N/A
  • Rotor Diameter N/A
  • Serial Number N/A


AFTT: 1,930 Hours
Landings: 3,661
6,800 Kg Gross Wt kit installed Dec 2012

Honeywell VXP – Vibration monitoring and blade tracking system.
Emergency Floatation Provision (includes installed Float Control Pannel)
Auxiliary Fuel Tank Provision
Weather Radar (Primus P660) provision
Weather Radar (Primus P660) removeable kit
4 Axis Autopilot
Honewell TCAS I
Air Conditioning System
Heated Glass Windshield (previously installed poly carbonate windows are available as well)
Windshield Washing System (Glass Windshield)
Cargo Hook Provision (required for removable option)
Cargo Hook Kit Provision
Cargo Hook & Cameras (hook and load)
Bambi bucket wiring
Snow Skis/Slump Protection Pads Provision
Cabin Tinted and thermo-acoustic Windows
Cockpit Vioce Recorder and Flight Data Recorder


Price On Request


1118 Laurelwood Dr.


McLean VA US

Phone: 1.703.864.2666

Additional Phone: +49 1766 255 5634

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