1983 GAF NOMAD N22 For Sale

  • For Sale
  • 1983
  • N6302W
  • 159
  • Old Newton GBR

General Specs (cont.)

Total Time:6,215

Engine 1 Overhaul Time:1,340 SOH

Engine 2 Overhaul Time:881 SOH

Prop 1 Overhaul Time:130 SOH

Prop 2 Overhaul Time:1 SOH


Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

1983 GAF Nomad N22B, N6302W, Skydiving Configured, 6215 Hours Total Time Airframe, Right Engine: 1340 Hours Since Overhaul, Left Engine: 881 Hours Since Overhaul, Right Prop: 130 Hours Since Overhaul, Left Prop: 1 Hour Since Overhaul.


Total Time: 6,215.2 HoursTotal Landings: 8,122

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engines:2 x 420 HP Allison 250 – B17 TurbinesRight Engine: 1,340 Hours Since OverhaulLeft Engine: 881 Hours Since OverhaulProps:Right Propeller: 130 Hours Since OverhaulLeft Propeller: 1 Hour Since Overhaul


Current Maintenance Status:Last Annual Inspection: Completed 7th July 2016. (See Logs)Maintenance Status and Lifed Component List – as of 26th October 2016 (See Logs)N6302W has been used for skydiving operations with us here in the UK since 2001. Previous to that she flew for the US Coast Guard. She can carry up to 14 skydivers (13 in the cabin + 1 in the co-pilots seat – see FAA 337 Approval) and is capable of approximately 2.4 lifts per hour.The reason for the sale relates solely to pilot licence issues.Although on the American Register (where any multi engine rated pilot with a high performance /complex aircraft endorsement can fly) the new EASA regulations being forced upon us here in the UK (irrespective of Brexit) now require all EU based pilots to also have EASA Type ratings, to run along side their FAA licences – which is fine but EASA has not provided us with no means of obtaining these type ratings.The UK CAA is currently trying to resolve these issues on our behalf but the process is taking forever. In the meantime we have decided to put the aircraft up for sale but reserve the right to remove the aircraft from sale should the issue be resolved before the sale has been completed.For Full Information, Visit Website: http://nomad.ukskydiving.com/



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