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Total Time:14,789


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As I have said to a few enquirers… the benefit of such a shocking paint job is that you know any corrosion has been spotted and addressed. In this circumstance, we have taken this aircraft into our stock as part of a trade and dealt with the engine and tidied up the air frame. In total we have spent over $15,000 NZD getting the aircraft into a condition we feel is “acceptable”. I have flown the aircraft and it fly’s just like a Cherokee would and it features the ‘thin’ late model wing. The interior is well equipped with the prerequisite avionics plus seating and headliners that are in fair condition. Apart from that, the components are reasonable for age and especially for a private user. 25% remaining on the engine and it is still in Calendar, over 75% remaining on the prop, Annual Due in September and the Main Spar Inspection is two years away. Pipers don’t have a SID’s inspection – so no issues there. We have been maintaining this ship for 8 years and we know it well. Does flying get any cheaper? Maybe skydiving…



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