1981 CESSNA P210 For Sale

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General Specs (cont.)

Total Time:3,007


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Detailed Description

While reviewing the performance of the P210N it occurred to me that this aircraft will comfortably keep up with the 2016 Cessna TTx which is an all composite “4” seat aircraft that today costs over $850,000 USD ex-factory. While the TTx sports a 235 kt TAS cruise [it only did it once – 210 kts in reality] and an amazing G2000 avionic suite…. that’s where it ends. Backtrack to 1981 and this P210N will do arguably 95% of what the “four” [let’s get real Cessna…its a two seater] TTx will do with at least four seats filled plus pile of cargo. Expect a TAS of 190 kts and do it in pressurized comfort at 20,000ft if you need to out climb weather. Best of all, this aircraft is 75% more affordable than a TTx and our engineering team can upgrade your avionics to the very latest available from Garmin. This will radically shift your experience from 1981’s into 2017.

Avionics / Equipment

PS Engineering PMA800BT Audio PanelBendix King KY196 VHF ComBendix King KNS80/KI525A VHF R/ NAVBendix King KN53/KI204 VHF NavBendix Kin



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