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  • 1979
  • N79FS
  • 066A
  • Wichita, KS USA

General Specs (cont.)


Flight Rules:N/A

Additional Classifications


Detailed Description

N79FS. 1979 MARCHETTI 1019 “Super” 1019. Restored and highly upgraded, including a full 420 SHP Rolls Royce -17C engine (current list price of $500,000+) with 30% more SHP, custom built new by Rolls Royce for the Owner. Garmin EFIS avionics, coupled AP, aux. fuel, VG’s, many options. Unbelievable short takeoff and landing distances off less than 100′, all w/150-170KT TAS cruise. $30,000 worth of Spares and Alaskan Tundra Tires Included

Avionics / Equipment

#1 EFIS PFD Flight Director: Garmin GDU375 63X PDF (2/16/17: Software V11.3)#2 EFIS MFD Moving Map:Garmin GDU370 63X MFD (2/16/17: Software V11.3)AHRS/GPS-XM/OAT: Garmin GSU-73/GA57X/GTP-592 Axis Autopilot, Fully Coupled thru G63X: TruTrak Digitrak IIVSGV/DSP-CAP#1 Com/Nav/GS/WAAS GPS/Color Map: Garmin 530W w/Terrain, Traffic, WX, Charts#2 Com/Nav/GS: Garmin SL30FM Ranch Radio: Motorola CM300#3 GPS Color Map & ADS-B: Garmin 660 w/Terrain, Traffic, WX, ChartsADS-B WX & Traffic Transceiver: Garmin GDL-88 (meets 2020 FAA ADS-B requirements)ADS-B Bluetooth WX & Traffic, iPad: Garmin GDL-39RTransponder/Encoder: Garmin GTX320/ACK A30.8Audio Panel & Marker Beacon/Intercom: Garmin 340 w/Bose and Regular Headset Jacks(All Upgraded to Latest Service Bulletins)Features:Flint Aero FA170 Tip Tanks (24 USG Total)Shadin MicroFlo Fuel Flow ComputerSoloy Long Exhaust StacksParavion Technologies Engine Start CounterMicroDynamics VG’sUnited Instruments 2” 5237-A-A906 Standby AltimeterAerotrim Electric Rudder TrimMid Continent 2” Standby Airspeed, Att Gyro, Emergency BatteryCleveland Wheels & Brakes2” G MeterGar Aero 850 x 10 MLG Adapters/TiresMid Continent MD906 Digital ChronometerAlaskan Bushwhell Tundra Tire & ForkHobbs Meter w/Airspeed SwitchLED Ldg LightAero flash Wing StrobesArtex ME406 406MHz ELT (Battery Good to 9/2023)


Total Time Since New: 1,300 Hours

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engine:Rolls Royce/Allison B17C 420SHP 390 Hours Since New(Custom Built New 2007 by Rolls Royce for Frank Borman at a current list price of $500,000+, Installed w/new Hoses, OH Oil Cooler & Starter Generator). 7/09 @ 102H TT Hot Start: Complete Tear Down & Inspected, Repaired Turbine Section, New 1st Stage T Wheel, Test Cell Run/RTS by AeroMaritime.Prop:Hartzell 3 Blade Reversing Prop890 Hours Total Time390 Hours Since Overhaul (Western Propeller 2006)

Interior / Exterior

Exterior: Superb dark green in USAF markings, “SuSu III” on cowling (2007). Windshield V brace, float kit. New windshield, side/rear windows, gray tinted skylight (2007). Plugs, pitot cover. VDC tender.Interior: Restored to 10/10 in 2007, military dark green. Custom control stick/buttons. Schroth 4 Pt belts w/lockable harnesses. Fire extinguisher. Adjustable sun shade. Rear seat tilt access to extended baggage.


Maintenance StatusConformity/Annual: 12/2016 @ 1288 Hours TTSN 24 Month IFR/Transponder/Encoder:Fresh 3/1/2017US Certification: Experimental Exhibition (Phase II Amended dated 1/4/2008)History: Italian AF 1979 – 1994. Imported to US & assembled by Southern Cross in 2005 @ 841 Hrs TT. Fully restored 2007.Records: Complete, logs & records since new including Italian AF. Many English manuals including parts, maintenance, wiring.Incident: 8/08@984TT: wire strike(wing leading edges repaired @ Beegles)Weights (lbs): 1890 EW, 2866 GW Clean, 3197 w/Ext LoadFuel Capacity (USG):84 (4 Tank Mains) + 24 (L/R Wingtip Auxiliary) 108 TotalSpares and Alaskan 26” Tires IncludedDelivery in the Wichita, Kansas area



Contact Details

(316) 942-3288 Fax: (316) 942-6912 Contact:Doug JacksonWichita Mid Cont A/P Po Box 9506 Wichita, KS 67277 USA

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