1978 CESSNA P337H

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  • 1978
  • CESSNA P337H
  • N374DN
  • P337-0326
  • USA

General Specs (cont.)

Total Time:2,427

Engine 1 Overhaul Time:1,110 SFRM

Engine 2 Overhaul Time:1110 SFRM

Prop 1 Overhaul Time:1,110 SNEW

Prop 2 Overhaul Time:1,110 SNEW


Year Painted:1995

Interior Year:1995

Flight Rules:IFR

Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Pressurized Cessna Riley Super Skyrocket, the ultimate Performance & Safety centerline thrust aircraft has been upgraded with twin TSIO-520 NB 310 HP engines producing average rates of climb to 20,000 feet in 16 minutes and cruise speeds of 235 MPH Plus. Plus this aircraft has STOL and soft field performance capabilities, over water & night multi-engine safety; requiring a centerline thrust rating only. Please call with any questions about this wonderful flying airplane.

Avionics / Equipment

Garmin GMA-340 Audio Panel with three-light, intercomGarmin WAAS 530 GPS, NavCom with Glideslope Garmin GNS-430 GPS, NavCom with GlideslopeKing KT-71 Transponder (Encoded)Provisions for Garmin GDL-69 Data link systemArgus 5000 moving mapWX-1000+ StormscopeS-Tec 65 System Autopilot (coupled/altitude hold)S-Tec altitude selector/alerter/VS systemKing KI-525-A Horizontal Situation Indicator.Shadin Digiflo fuel computerJPI EDM-750 engine data management system with data recordersElectric trimPTT switch on pilot & copilot yokesPush to ident/com selector on pilot’s yoke Remote ELT Avionics MasterAdditional Equipment:Complete Riley Super Skyrocket STC retrofit (TSIO-520-NB16B engines, Factory TBO of 1,600 hours rated @ 310 H.P. each. and Hartzell 3-blade propellers). Riley also upgraded this aircraft with:Riley Intercooler systemRiley air-conditioningRiley pneumatic door sealRiley fuel quantity indicatorsRiley manifold pressure indicatorsRiley RPM indicatorsRiley fuel flow indicatorsRiley CHT/ITT indicatorsRiley oil pressure/temperature indicatorsRiley airspeed indicatorHorton S.T.O.L. kitPolished leading edgesAft fuselage VGsSpoilers Inc SP-7000 spoilers50 amp alternatorsAppalachian stainless steel brake discsHeated front propHeated pitot & stall warningIce lightAlternate static sourcePAI-700 vertical card compassOutside air tempWoodward type II prop syncLong range tanks hold up to 148 gallons of useable fuelCleveland wheels & brakesRotating beaconThree position strobesTaxi LightLanding LightsDavtron M800 digital clock/electronic flight timerExternal power plugRiley air-conditioningPilot and copilot fully articulating seatsCockpit fire extinguisherRosen sunvisorsTinted cabin windowsEmergency oxygen


Total Time: 2,427 Hours

Engines / Mods / Prop

Engines:Front: TSIO 520NB16B (Riley STC Intercooled rated @ 310 HP) 1,110.3 Hours Since New Factory Reman (02-95)Rear: TSIO 520NB16B (Riley Intercooled rated @ 310 HP) 1,110.3 Hours Since New Factory Reman (02-95)0 Hours Since Complete Top Overhaul (08-15) Props:Front: Hartzell PCH-G3YF-2UF/FC7663DB-2R 3-Blade with Hartzell 82C4558-2P Spinner 1,110.3 Hours Since New (02-95)Rear: Hartzell PHC-13YF-2AL/FCL7663DF-2R 3-Blade with Hartzell 82C4558-2P Spinner1,110.3 Hours Since New (02-95)

Interior / Exterior

Exterior:Custom Riley finish with white base coat featuring burgundy and metallic silver trim, polished leading edges. (Shows well!) Interior:Custom Riley with burgundy leathers complemented by gray side panels, headliner (Shows well!)


Max Takeoff Weight: 4,700 LbsUseful Load 1,040 lbs.Comments: Take off, landing, climb and cruse performance is impressive. Some data from the Riley POH supplement states a standard day climb from sea level to 16,000 ft. in 13 minutes, 20,000 ft. in 16 minutes. Cruse 210 KTAS at 16,000 ft., 215 KTAS at 20,000 ft. Sea level front single engine climb at gross weight on a 70 degree day, 200 FPM; rear engine 350 FPM. History: Aircraft converted to the Riley Super Skyrocket and completely refurbished in 1995. Annual inspection will be updated at time of sale. All AD Notes complied with at annual inspection. IFR Certification current. Complete records. No record of damage history.Disclaimer: These specifications are subject to verification by the buyer. The aircraft is subject to prior sale.



Contact Details

(813) 610-3741 Fax: (813) 464-7750 Contact:John Rourke USA

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