2014 Quest Aircraft Kodiak


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Aircraft Information

Make: Quest Aircraft
Country: Argentina
Model: Kodiak
State/Province: Not provided
Year: 2014
City/Airport: Not provided

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The backcountry air service world is often characterized by remote landing strips in rugged mountains, deep forests, and on shrouded shore lines. No aircraft serves these kind of locations with the muscle and integrity of the Kodiak.


For backcountry air service operators, rugged aircraft construction is not only comforting but absolutely necessary. The Kodiak has proven that it can meet this operational requirement consistently and reliably.


High useful load is an essential component for air service operators who need direct access to remotely located landing strips. Kodiak is a true backcountry aircraft that can operate into and out of some of the most challenging air strips.

The reliable, time-tested Pratt & Whitney PT6 engine delivers power and performance in many of the air service world’s toughest environments. Performance you can count on…day-in and day-out.

Additional Features

Weights & Loadings
Max. Ramp Weight 7,305 lbs
Max. Takeoff Weight 7,255 lbs
Base Aircraft Empty Weight 3,770 lbs
Base Aircraft Useful Load 3,535 lbs
Fuel Capacity 320 gal
Max. Wing Loading 30.1 lbs/sq ft
Max. Power Loading 9.67 lbs/hp

Performance (without cargo pod)
Stall Speed Vs1 (flaps up) 77 kcas
Stall Speed Vs0 (flaps down) 60 kcas
Rate of Climb
(max. cont. at SL) 1,371 ft/min
Rate of Climb (10,000 ft) 867 ft/min
Takeoff Ground Roll 934 ft
Braked Roll (w/o reverse) 705 ft
Certified Ceiling 25,000 ft

Cruise Performance 183 ktas / 339 kph

Range w/ 45 min. Reserve( without cargo pod)
Max Cruise At 174 ktas, at 12,000 ft,
fuel consumption is 48 gph
yielding 1,005 nm over 5.8 hr
Max Range Cruise At 135 ktas, at 12,000 ft,
fuel consumption is 33 gph
yielding 1,132 nm over 8.4 hr

Powerplant P&W PT6A-34
Takeoff Power @ 2200 RPM 750 hp
Max. Continuous Power 700 hp

Propeller: Constant Speed, Feathering, Reversible
Diameter 96 in
Tip Clearance 19 in

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