1960 Piper PA-24-250 Comanche


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1960 Piper PA-24-250 Comanche 250 (260HP)

Make: Piper
Country: United States
Model: PA-24
State/Province: California
Year: 1960
City/Airport: Stockton (SCK)

Serial No: 24-1808
Registration No: N6684P

Flight Time: 2827 hours

Attached Files



IFR Recertification Due 11/01/2015


● Audio Panel: Narco CP 136 TSO Audio Panel, with 3 LMB
● #1 Nav/Com: Garmin GNS 430 Nav/Com/GPS IFR Certified
● #2 Nav/Com: Narco MK12D TSO Nav/Com
● VOR/LOC/GPS: Garmin GI-106A VOR/LOC/GPS #1 Nav Course Deviation Indicator
● VOR/LOC/GS: Narco IDME 891 DME/VOR/LOC/GS/Marker Beacon Indicator
● GPS: Garmin GNS 430 Nav/Com/GPS per STC SA00705WI
● Autopilot: S-TEC System 50 Autopilot with Altitude Hold
● GPSS: ARINC 429 GPSS Converter/Interface
● ADF: Narco ADF 141 TSO ADF with Narco ADF 101 Indicator (Inop)
● Encoder: Narco AR 850 Remote Altitude Encoder
● DME: Narco IDME 891 DME/VOR/LOC/GS/Marker Beacon Indicator
● Compass: Vertical Card Magnetic Compass
● Transponder: Narco AT 150 TSO Mode C Transponder
● Engine Analyzer: JPI EDM 700 Digital Engine Data Mgmt. System per STC SA2586NM
● Fuel Computer: JPI Fuel Scan 450 Fuel Management System per STC SA00861SE
● ICS: PS Engineering PM1000 Four Place Intercom System
Wired Provisions for Two Noise Cancelling Intercom Jacks
Four Standard Intercom Jacks
● ELT: ACK E-01 ELT with Panel Mounted with Switch and Indicator
● True Airspeed Indicator per STC SA00618AT w/increased VNE, Attitude Gyro, Turn
Coordinator, Vertical Speed Indicator and Altimeter Overhauled 08/10/2011
● Avionics Master Switch
● Pilot Yoke Push-To-Talk, Autopilot Disconnect, Alt. Engage/Disengage Switches
● Copilot Yoke Push-To-Talk Switch


● Interior Reupholstered 08/10/2001 with Fire Blocked Materials
● Light Gray Textured Vinyl Headliner
● Light Gray Metal Window Trim
● Light Gray Vinyl Side Panels
● Pilot and Copilot Light Gray Leather Seats with Headrests, Lapbelts & Shoulder Harnesses
● Pilot and Copilot Floor Scuff Plates
● Rear Light Gray Leather Bench Seat with Folding Seat Backs, Aft Storage Access & Lapbelts
● Blue Floor Carpeting
● Spacious Aft Baggage Compartment with Hat Shelf
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Interior Grading Guide)

Exterior Description

● Aircraft Refinished 08/09/2006
● Sterling Enamel Paint White (U-1001), with Cardinal Red (U-3077), and Navy Blue (U-2121)
● Condition 7 (National Aircraft Appraisers Association Exterior Paint Grading Guide)

Additional Features

● Aircraft Components Gear Alert System Installed 10/24/2002 per STC SA1644AT
● Pilot and Copilot Shoulder Harnesses Installed 10/24/2002 per STC SA00484WI
● Fiber Lite Fiber Optic Instrument Lighting System Installed 12/01/2001
● Single Sided Main Landing Gear & Cleveland Wheel and Brake Assys. Installed 08/18/2001
● Webco Aircraft Throttle, Mixture and Propeller Vernier Controls Installed 12/01/2001
● LoPresti Speed Merchants Cowling Modified for Dual Exhaust 08/18/2001
● Windshield and Side Windows Installed 08/18/2001 per Weber STC SA2485CE
● Aviation Performance Products Dual Exhaust Sys. Installed 08/10/2001 per STC ST00343AT
● LoPresti Speed Merchants Stabilator Modification Installed 08/10/2001 per STC SA00618AT
● Modified Instrument Panel Installed 08/10/2001 per STC SA00159SE
● Webco Pilot Side Toe Brake Kit Installed per Form 337 Dated 08/10/2001
● LoPresti Lycoming O-540-A1B5 Counterweights Installed 08/18/2001 per STC SE1537AT
● Webco Upper Door Latch Kit Installed 08/10/2001 per STC SA2550CE
● Bogert Copper Battery Cables Installed 08/10/2001 per Piper SB 836A and STC SA3531NM
● SkyTec Manufacturing, Inc. Super Flyweight Starter Installed 06/28/1995 per STC SE00218NY
● LoPresti Wholey Cowl Installed 12/16/1994 per STC ST00426AT
● Knots 2U Inc. Wing Root Fairings Installed 02/01/1994 per STC SA526GL
● Interav, Inc. Alternator Installed 08/12/1993 per STC SA334SW

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