1965 Piper PA-24 Comanche



An Economical Alternative to the Bonanza

Make: Piper
Country: United States
Model: Comanche
State/Province: New Mexico
Year: 1965
City/Airport: Santa Fe (KSAF)

Serial No: 24-4250
Registration No: N8797P

Flight Time: 3680 hours
Engine Time: 413 hours

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More photos, logbooks, and lots of other info on Seller’s web site.

Priced $4000 below Bluebook/Vref!

Cruises at 150 kts. on 10.3 gph at 8,500′

Huge 90-gal. fuel tanks mean s you can fly all day!

9/13 IFR inspection with Garmins, fuel computer, engine monitor, Stormscope.


Last Annual Inspection: August, 2013. Compressions: 77, 77, 75, 77, 77, 75/80.

Last Pitot-Static/Transponder Inspection: September, 2013

Recent Maintenance Highlights: New fuel bladders and hoses/seals, new battery, 9/2013; new vacuum pump, stabilator horn asbly., 2/2013; changed #4 cylinder with serviceable unit, 6/2012; new landing gear bungee cords, gear door bumpers, brake linings, repaired #1 cylinder for leaking exhaust valve, 6/2010.

Logbooks: Appear to be complete since new. Uses the AdLog system. Download copies from seller’s web site.

FAA 337 Forms: Download copies from seller’s web site.

Damage History: None listed in NTSB/FAA accident database by N-number, but evidence of repair to tail area is visible. An NTSB report indicates an aircraft with this N-number was struck by a Cessna 150 while parked in 1966.


Audio Panel: Garmin GMA-340
GPS/NavCom: Garmin GNS-430, output to Garmin GI-106A VOR/ILS indicator, with NAV/GPS switch.
Nav/Com:Garmin SL30 displayed on second Garmin GI-106A
Transponder: Garmin GTX-327 digial transponder w/Mode-C
Engine Monitor: JPI EDM-800 w/fuel flow computer
Stormscope: WX-500 Stormscope displayed on the GNS-430.
Electric Trim: Yes
Autopilot: NONE (Century I installed, but inop.)
Other: King KR-87 ADF


Seats: 4
Original red leather seats, sidewalls and (probably) carpet in surprisingly good condition. Carpet could use a good cleaning. There are one or two small tears in the upholstery in the back seat; the front seats seem in excellent condition and are holding up very well. The panel is dated and in the original configuration, but it doesn’t take long to get used to when flying it.

Condition Rating: 6/10 “Although the interior has a few stains which do not clean up, and the overall appearance is clearly “used,” in general the interior is in good serviceable condition. The design may appear dated. Any dirty spots in the headliner can be removed almost completely with cleaning. The carpets may show significant wear at entry and cockpit areas, with some matting that can’t be removed by vacuuming. One or two plastic pieces may be cracked and need replacement, and the plastic may be yellowed slightly. There may be matting of materials on seats with wear noticeable on arm rest and lower seat cushions, but this is less noticeable after steam cleaning and scrubbing. No frayed or torn fabric is apparent now, but there may be evidence of minor repairs performed in the past if you look very closely. After a good steam-cleaning and scrubbing, the interior would look more attractive and earn a #7 Rating provided no plastic pieces were cracked. The interior condition would not detract institutional buyers and most private buyers if the aircraft was in otherwise good condition.”

Exterior Description

Original paint in classic Piper red/white/black paint scheme.

Hangared for past dozen years at least.

No dents or visible defects in airframe, paint is oxidized all over but has good coverage with little chipping.

Condition Rating: 6/10 “Paint may be showing its age, with some oxidization and obvious abrasion wear on leading edges. It does not technically need repainting, but the styling may be so obviously dated that it makes the aircraft show its age. With touch-up and a good cleaning and waxing, it would have a semi-gloss appearance that would likely move it to the #7 Rating.”

Additional Features

Front shoulder harnesses
Strobe lights
Hoerner wingtips
One-piece windshield mod
Precise Flight SVS Standby Vacuum System

See Seller’s web site for more details, logbooks, photos, etc.

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