1990 Dornier 228-202K



  • Year 1990
  • Location Florida US
  • Crew N/A
  • TTAF N/A
  • Cruising Speed N/A
  • Max Range N/A
  • Max Take Off Weight N/A
  • Altitude N/A
  • Cabin Length N/A
  • Cabin Height N/A
  • Cabin Width N/A
  • Exterior Height N/A
  • Exterior Length N/A
  • Capacity N/A
  • Plane Type Turbo Prop
  • Wingspan N/A
  • Serial Number 8198
  • Reg. Number 9N-AJH
  • Condition Used



20,593 Hours Since New 28,260 Landings


TPE 33-10GT-511D 7000 TBO /3500 HSI
Left: Serial Number P-10095C
6868 Hours Since New
9096 Total Cycles
6867 Hours Since Overhaul
422 Hours Since HSI
Right: Serial Number P-10048C
15,014Hours Since New
21,768 Total Cycles
3359 Hours Since Overhaul
3359 Hours Since HSI


HC-B4 TN-5 ML 3000 Hours Or 60 Months
Left: Serial Number EAA-1456
3087 Hours Since Overhaul/41 Months
Right: Serial Number EAA-1904
2206 Hours/48 Months


Collins VHF-22A Comm 1/2 622-6152-001
Collins VIR32 Nav 1 / 2 Receiver 622-6137-001
Collins HF-230 control unit 622-6614-007
King KFC250 Autopilot
King Flight Computer KCP 299 065-0045-09
King Mode Controller KC 290 065-003-01
King Yaw Controller KC 291 065-0035-01
King Annunciator Panel (Pilot) KAP 315 066-3023-05
King Air Data Computer KDC 298 065-0044-03
King Rate Gyro KRG 331 060-0024-00
King Annunciator Panel (C/P) KAP 315 066-3023-05
King Pitch/Roll/Yaw Servo KSA 372 065-0056-03
King Altitude Selector KAS 297 065-0046-02
Ameri-King Annunciator Control Unit K950-G420-28V
AK950 (Pilot)
Encoding Altimeter (Pilot) 3A55.32.35F00.0E
Bendix King Servo Encoding Altimeter KEA 066-3062-00
346 (Pilot)
Bendix King Directional Gyro KSG105 060-0013-01
Bendix King Slaving Unit KA51-B 071-1242-06
Bendix King Flux Valve KMT-112 071-1052-00
Altimeter (CP) 3A51.32.35F00.0F
Bendix King HSI KPI552 (Pilot and CP) 066-3024-47
Artex ME-270 Color Weather Radar
Collins WRX Indicator IND-270 622-5941-001
Collins WRX RX/TX WXT-250B 622-7337-001
Collins ADF1 60A 622-6522-008
Collins ADF2 60A 622-6522-008
Collins TDR 90 Transponder 622-1270-001
ATC Control Unit (CTL-92) 622-6523-004
Collins DME 42 Transceiver 622-6263-003
Collins DME 42 Indicator IND42A 622-7318-004
Flight Data Recorder 980-4120-GMUN
Cockpit Voice Recorder Fairchild A200S
TAWS/ RMI ST-3400-000

Additional Equipment

Main Landing Gear Approved Intervals
Actuator 24,000 Hours
Actuator 30,000 Cycle
Axel: 48,000 Cycles
8773 Hours
21,988 Cycles
28,260 Cycles
8830 Hours
18,155 Cycles
28,260 Cycles
Nose Landing Gear Approved Intervals
Actuator 24,000 Hours 20,593 Hours
Actuator 30,000 Cycle 28,260 Cycles
Steering Actuator 50,000 Hours 11,181 Hours
Steering Actuator 62,500 Cycles 15,329 Cycles


20 passenger airline configuration

This aircraft is being brokered by Flight Source International, Inc. Flight Source International, Inc. has not conducted a pre-purchase inspection of this aircraft to verify mechanical condition, airworthiness or accuracy of specifications. Prospective purchasers are encouraged to conduct their own independent pre-purchase inspection as Flight Source International, Inc. makes no representations as to the airworthiness of the aircraft or the accuracy of the above information. Specifications Subject To Verification Upon Inspection. Aircraft is Subject To Prior Sale


Price On Request


1244 Clyde Jones Rd


Sarasota FL US

Phone: 1.941.355.9585

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