2008 Eclipse 500 – PRICE REDUCED TO $1,200,000 FOR QUICK SALE!



  • Year 2008
  • Location East Boston MA US
  • Crew N/A
  • TTAF 517
  • Cruising Speed N/A
  • Max Range N/A
  • Max Take Off Weight N/A
  • Altitude N/A
  • Cabin Length N/A
  • Cabin Height N/A

  • Cabin Width N/A
  • Exterior Height N/A
  • Exterior Length N/A
  • Capacity N/A
  • Plane Type Light Jet
  • Wingspan N/A
  • Serial Number 150
  • Reg. Number N920GB
  • Condition Used


Engines: Pratt & Whitney PW610F TSN: 517/517 TBO: 3500/3500 Maintenance:

Maintained by Linear Air for owner. Hangared. No damage history. Part 135 maintained, Avtrak maintenance tracking, 48-mth inspection complete. Professionally flown under Part 135 by two-pilot crews. 300 hr /12 month engine inspection due – 748 hrs or 5/31/13, 300 hr/24 month airframe inspection due – 738 hrs or 3/31/14, 1200hr/48month inspection due –1163 hrs or 7/31/16, 10,000hr/10year inspection due — 10,000 hrs or 3/31/18.


Overall White with Black and Red accent stripes.


Executive configuration. Diablo Interior with tables and cupholders. Fourth passenger seat. Seat armrests. 40 cubic foot oxygen tank, second hand-held microphone, second quick-don oxygen mask (co-pilot). In seat power supply.

Avionics: IS&S Avio NG 1.7 Garmin 400’s
WX 500 Stormscope
Skywatch HP Traffic Avoidance System
Mode S Enhanced Surveillance Diversity Transponder
Class B Terrain Awareness and Warning System (TAWS)
Third Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS) Additional Features:

Combustion Liner upgrade for flight above FL300 up to certified ceiling of FL410. Upgraded Aft Power Distribution Center (PDC)–5, Bias-ply Tires, Known De-Ice Certified, Taxi/Recognition Lights.


Price On Request


1611 Windsor Park Dr. Ste 101


Houston TX US

Phone: +1-281-391-2510

Additional Phone: 1-800-AVIATION (284-2846)

Fax: 1-281-668-8413

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