2015 EC 135T2e for sale



  • Year 2015
  • Location India
  • Helicopter Type N/A
  • Crew N/A
  • TTAF N/A
  • Cruising Speed N/A
  • Max Range N/A
  • Max Take Off Weight N/A
  • Cabin Length N/A
  • Cabin Height N/A
  • Cabin Width N/A
  • Exterior Height N/A
  • Exterior Length N/A
  • Capacity N/A
  • Rotor Diameter N/A
  • Serial Number N/A


2015 EC 135T2e for sale

Factory New, Factory Hours

IFR Config, Full Warranty


  • DP IFR GC GNS430W / GNS 530WT
  • Digital Audio Control System (DACS) AMU53 & control unit ACP53 (NAT), pilot & copilot
  • Transponder incl. Mode-S GTX330 (Garmin)
  • Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) DME4000 (Rockwell Collins)
  • Marker beacon receiver & lights KR21 (Honeywell)
  • Avionics / radio master switches (Eurocopter)
  • GPS/NAV/COM GNS430W (Garmin), copilot, interfaced with FCDS
  • GPS/NAV/COM GNS430W (Garmin), pilot, interfaced with FCDS
  • 2″ stand-by horizon incl. emergency battery AI804DC (Goodrich)
  • MEGHAS dual (4xSMD45) Flight Control Display System (FCDS)
  • Avionics Package DP IFR GC GNS430W Interconnection / wiring
  • Radar altimeter KRA405B (Honeywell)
  • MEGHAS sensor kit
  • Copilot pitot static system
  • 3-axis Digital Automatic Flight Control System (DAFCS)

General Equipment:

  • First aid kit
  • Fuzz burners for engines
  • Engine fire extinguishing system
  • Engine outlet heat protection
  • Engine compressor wash kit
  • Flashlight for copilot side
  • Tinted sun shades for cockpit windshield roof section
  • Windshield wiper system
  • Slant panel
  • Center console
  • Avionics compartment
  • Copilot flight controls
  • 7″ copilot instrument panel with glare shield
  • Map case in copilot cockpit door
  • Map cases on instrument panel glare shield
  • Illuminated chart holder, pilot
  • Bleed air heating system
  • Air conditioning system
  • Battery (40 Ah, 24 VDC) ULM (Saft) instead of standard battery
  • Alternating current system (50 VA)
  • Starter / generator (2×200 A, 28 VDC) instead of standard generator
  • Rotor brake system
  • Inlet Barrier Filter system (IBF)
  • M’ARMS® Cockpit Voice and Flight Data Recorder (CVFDR)


  • Enhance Exterior Three Tone Paint instead of standard paint


  • Enhanced sound proofing kit
  • Separation wall for cabin / cargo compartment
  • Covers for sliding door fairing LH & RH
  • Door catch system for cockpit doors
  • Door catch system for sliding doors
  • Map case in sliding doors LH & RH
  • Corporate Package
  • Corporate height adjustable pilot seat instead of standard pilot seat
  • Corporate height adjustable copilot seat instead of standard copilot seat
  • Corporate protective cover for pilot seat GSE
  • Corporate front passenger 2 seats (custom made Bentley Leather Seat)
  • Corporate rear passenger 2 seats (custom made Bentley Leather Seat)
  • Corporate protective cover for passenger seat GSE
  • Corporate rear cabinet with armrest
  • Corporate armrest in rear window niche LH & RH
  • Corporate Passenger Service Unit (PSU)
  • Corporate leather cuffs for controls (collective & cyclic)
  • Corporate carpet for cockpit
  • Corporate carpet for cabin
  • Corporate carpet for cargo compartment
  • Headset A20 ANR LEMO (Bose), low impedance

Specifications subject to verification, upon inspection.

Price and times subject to change, without notice Aircraft offered subject to prior sale or withdrawal from market.


Price On Request


2nd Floor, Sarathy Enclave



Kochi India

Phone: +914844035020

Additional Phone: +914843932243

Fax: +914842315197

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