1989 BELL FUSION 212 For Sale

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  • 1989
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General Specs (cont.)

Total Time:11,536


Year Painted:1989

Interior Year:1989

Flight Rules:IFR

Additional Classifications

Detailed Description

Sure… they don’t make them anymore but show me one pilot working a 150ft line on fires or negotiating ½ mile visibility on heli skiing; who isn’t just a little less stressed to know that his posterior is kept airborne by Twin Pac PT6-3B engines? Better still show me one engineer who doesn’t love the reliability and ready access to spare parts backed by the gold standard in aftermarket support: BELL TEXTRONMost recognise the paint scheme – ex-Japan. That means a life of easy use on surveillance work with some hoisting and negligible cargo hook time [if any?] While showing 11500 hrs TT you can be sure that for every hour it flew a 0.1 or 0.2 was recorded as flight time rather than air time. That feasibly is nearly 1500 hours recorded sitting on the ground. Regardless, the airframe is in exceptional condition and your inspecting engineer will corroborate that. The key components have the times remaining below and the aircraft just completed an exhaustive 0.0 TSO 5 year / 3000 hr inspection.

Avionics / Equipment

Autopilot – Encoding Altimeter – King KTR-905/G4434A VHF Comm – Bell NAX.AUDIO ControlKing KMA-24 Audio PanelKing KA-35A Beacon Light Panel – King KRA-405 Radio Altimeter – King KDF-805 ADFKing KXP-755 TransponderKing KDM-706 DME – King KNR-630 NAV – King KDA-697 RMIPop-Out FloatsRotor-BrakeLanding LightCargo HookHoistAuxilliary Fuel Tanks



Engines / Mods / Prop


Interior / Exterior




Contact Details

(642) 154-0460 Fax: (649) 296-2645 Contact:Stephen Boyce

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